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if you're a photographer, you're probably like me + spend a lot of time looking for amazing locations for your photo sessions.  i can't seem to ever turn my brain off of photography.....anytime i am driving anywhere, i am constantly keeping my eye out for possible new locations.  but don't miss out on the total obvious!  some of the most amazing locations can be right in front of your eyes!  we have lived  in our house for exactly one year now + i just recently tried out a new spot right across the street!  it is literally about 50 steps from our front door. when looking for locations, i require a few important things: -trees to provide shade + a pretty green background -no clutter (not a fan of park benches, trash cans, and busy sceneries in general) -must be able to shoot backlit images, so i prefer to have the trees + sun behind the subject(s)

here is my new favorite, dreamy location, directly across the street from our house...see the field in the background?  that's it!  doesn't look too fancy, does it?

here's a closer look...see the open shade?  that's where i would place my subject to take the photo:

my beautiful subject, standing in the open shade:

and then we walked a little further down a path by the trees + found this spot:

sooooo....i bribed them with treats + took this shot:

then we walked just a few steps further:

and found this great spot, too:

soooo, i begged + pleaded for them  to cooperate for just a few more shots + bribed them once again (don't they look thrilled?!):

lighting plays a very important roll in how your images will turn out.  the images above were all taken between 6:10 + 6:20pm.

these images were taken at the exact same location a few days prior between 6:51 + 6:55pm.

these images were also taken at the exact same location a few days prior at exactly 7:20 + 7:23pm, after the sun had already gone down.  the only lighting source was the orange glow in the sky.

and there you have it.  sometimes you can drive around + look for the perfect location when the whole entire time it is right outside your doorstep!  go take a look around your neighborhood...you might be surprised with what you find!

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