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i can't say that life has always been easy but i am a believer that everything happens for a reason.  i am always up for an adventure + an adventure it has definitely been!  i am hanging on for the ride with my three beautiful babies in tow, desperate to make this life we have together the very best one.  i have a creative soul + photography is my passion.  it's my livelihood + it's also what i do to provide for my babies.  

random facts:

i am canadian.  i have dual citizenship for new zealand.  i am six feet tall.  i could live off of starbucks cinnamon dolce lattes.  i crave vegetables.  i love hot yoga.  i am addicted to running.  music soothes my soul.  house plants make me happy.  if i could go on a shopping spree at three stores they'd be lululemon, urban outfitters + tyler's.   

my style

i feel like my photography style is a true representation of who i am.  relaxed, casual, fun + free-spirited.  i really like to get to know my clients make them feel as comfortable as possible.  you are not just a client to me.  you are a person with a story.  let me help you tell it.  i want you to FEEL something when you see your images.  i want you to remember those moments.  what you were thinking + feeling.  I want you to see the way your sweet boy scrunches his nose while you kiss him all over.  the way he gazes at you while clasping his little hand around your finger.  i want you to remember the sound of his laugh while you were laying down on the blanket in the tall grass, tickling him.  let me help you document your story.  

have a look through my portfolio to see the stories i have told for many others. 

my camera bag