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simple.  fun.  laid-back.  go-with-the-flow.  that's me in a nutshell. when i'm not toting around my three kids to all their sporting events i love to sleep in, sip on my tim hortons coffee + relax on my front porch swing.  we spend most of our time out in the fresh air.  we love to have campfires in the fire pit, lounge on the hammock, the garden keeps us busy + we are always playing soccer, basketball, volleyball or anything else that keeps us out in the yard.  those who know me, know how much i love to eat healthy + stay fit.  i often get made fun of for some of the weird things that i eat!  i am obsessed with hot yoga + i love me a good night run.  nothing beats that cool, crisp night air.  i was born + raised in canada....been living in texas for the past 12 years.  someday i would love to travel to far away places i've never been.  i've love to learn how to surf.  i'd love to go hiking in the mountains.  and i'd love to learn how to play the guitar.

my style

i feel like my photography style is a true representation of who i am.  relaxed, casual, fun + free-spirited.  i really like to get to know my clients make them feel as comfortable as possible.  you are not just a client to me.  you are a real person.  and you are hiring me to capture something special!  have a look through my portfolio.  i want my clients to FEEL something when they view their images.  i want them to remember those moments.  what they were thinking + feeling.  i want to document real emotion + interaction.  you will never see me drag a fancy couch out into a field + have your family sit + pose for me.  that is not what makes my heart sing.  instead, i want to see the way your sweet boy scrunches his nose while you kiss him all over.  the way he gazes at you while clasping his whole hand around your finger.  i want you to remember the way he laughed while you were laying down on the blanket in the tall grass, tickling him...and i want you to remember the sound of those sweet giggles when you look back at those images.

my camera bag