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this absolutely gorgeous couple are dear friends of ours.  they were the first couple who ever let me photograph them.  yup!  exactly one year ago when i decided to start building my photography portfolio, they were kind enough to play along + let me do a photo session with them. and even though i completely sucked a year ago, it's impossible to take a bad photo of these two, so i managed to get a few good ones.  but anyways, here they are from this year...and i'm sure we'll make it a tradition + do them every year....at least i HOPE we make it a tradition. who knows, maybe in a year or two there will be a little tiny 3rd person in the photos??  come on b+c...you know you'd make the most gorgeous babies!!  ;)ok, ok....just for fun, here are some from their session last year.  looks like someone has a favorite hat ;)