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i've been working hard behind-the-scenes for the past couple of months, coming up with new ways to offer premiere services to my clients. one of my new, very cool services....complimentary wall design consultations for each client!  it's so difficult to visualize your images on a wall - what sizes to order, how many, how to arrange them, etc.  let me do the work for you!  i will show you exactly how gorgeous your images can + will look displayed in several different arrangements.

here are a few gallery wrapped canvas arrangements i whipped up to show you how cool this feature is...

2-24x30, 2-10x15, 4-12x15


1-24x30, 1-10x15, 1-12x15



and just for good measure, if you think an 11x14 is large, here is what it looks like on the same wall:

special thanks to my wonderful photographer friend ariana falerni for creating + designing these  gorgeous wall display guides.  if you are a photographer who is interested in purchasing these guides for yourself, click here.  i can not say enough about them!  they are so easy + fun to use!