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i've been doing so much better about snapping shots of my own kids, i just haven't been very good about blogging them!  but if you follow me on my Facebook page i've been pretty good about posting shots there if you want to keep up with my recent work. anyways, today i decided on a whim to take some diaper shots of jack in our bed.  it's something i've been wanting to do for awhile now + have just never gotten around to doing it.  these are far from 'technically' perfect but as a mom, i love them so much because they completely show jack's fun + carefree personality.  so here's about 5 minutes worth of jack from today, for your viewing pleasure!  IMG_6386webUntitled-2IMG_6379webIMG_6416webIMG_6421webUntitled-3IMG_6432webUntitled-4IMG_6409webIMG_6437web