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i can't tell you how glad i am to have lauren's birthday party behind me!  as much as i love planning these shindigs, i think i dread them just as much. haha!  i tend to go a little overboard sometimes + also have a bad habit of leaving everything until the last minute.  but we couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day + we got to spend it with some really great people!  i stalked the 10 day weather forecast, and i believe it changed on a daily basis, causing my stress-level to go through the roof.  on the day of the party, the weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do, but it ended up turning out to be gorgeous!  as you can see in the photos, the kids enjoyed sno cones, popsicles, jello, swimming, water balloons, the bounce house, the swing set + much more!  we had BBQ for everyone, enough to feed an army!  thanks to all who came to celebrate our sweet girl turning two!

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lauren | fort worth child photographer

my 'baby' is two.  where does the time go??  i have such mixed emotions about this!  i miss cradling her in my arms, soothing her to sleep...but i adore watching her look up to her big sister + imitating her every move.  i love watching the two of them play together + overhearing their silly conversations.  i love seeing her little personality + attitude shine through more + more the older she grows.  and i love that even though she is two, she still loves to snuggle + only momma can make it better when she's hurt or sad. here's my sweet little two year old...