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reunited | fort worth family photographer

i know i said that i was taking june off to spend time with my family, but i received a phone call a few days ago from a sweet, charming + witty lady who i just couldn't say no to.  there was just something about her that i loved + i knew that this session was going to be full of laughs!  she + her husband live in california + are in town for just a few short days visiting their son, daughter-in-law + grand children.  their visits are far + few between + i can certainly relate, as i only get to visit my family in canada about once year.  i am so glad that i was able to meet up with them tonight, share in their laughter, capture their quirky sides + i felt as though i were part of the family for a brief moment!  more to come....ps....one can only hope to be this stunning as a grandmother!  what a sweet couple!

the seeton family | fort worth family photographer

meet the seeton family.  not MY seeton family...my husband's 4 cousins...all boys, and their 2 beautiful wives.  the guys had fun joking around while we 3 girls tried to get them to stay serious for a few moments so we could get some decent shots.  i had a blast with this fun group...i don't get to hang out with them near enough!  by the way, i left out the mooning shots...perhaps i should have included one?? ;)

chance, amy + scarlett | highland park family photographer

i've been so lucky to be surrounded by awesome people who believe in me + support me by helping me to get my name out there.  my business thrives on word of mouth + referrals...and if it weren't for the love + support of friends, family, fans + past clients, there would be no sara seeton photography.  i am so thankful that the relative of a friend passed along my info to this beautiful family.  i have really enjoyed getting to know the mom...i swear we email each other back + forth more than most girl friends do!  so excited to work with them again in the future...but for now, here's a few favorites from their session.  how cuuuuuuute is their little one?!