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newsletter | dallas fort worth portrait photographer

did you know we have a newsletter now??  yes.  we do.  and if you want to be the first to know about all the cool things going on around here + receive exclusive offers available only to newsletter subscribers then be sure to subscribe by clicking on the image below.

the ausich family | fort worth family photographer

this blog post is way long overdue!  my apologies to the ausich family....they have been patient with me + they have a parcel full of goodies being sent there way as i type this! can i just say how much i loved getting to meet + hang out with this cool family?  they reminded me so much of my own family from canada....so laid back + casual, witty, charming + just real.  no fake smiles here....see those smiles??  they are all genuine!  they all were cracking jokes + i think we laughed (and sweat!) the whole entire session.  did i mention it was about 100 degrees that day?  yes.  it was.

anyhow, here they are....

reunited | fort worth family photographer

i know i said that i was taking june off to spend time with my family, but i received a phone call a few days ago from a sweet, charming + witty lady who i just couldn't say no to.  there was just something about her that i loved + i knew that this session was going to be full of laughs!  she + her husband live in california + are in town for just a few short days visiting their son, daughter-in-law + grand children.  their visits are far + few between + i can certainly relate, as i only get to visit my family in canada about once year.  i am so glad that i was able to meet up with them tonight, share in their laughter, capture their quirky sides + i felt as though i were part of the family for a brief moment!  more to come....ps....one can only hope to be this stunning as a grandmother!  what a sweet couple!