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billy bob + christina + 1 | dallas family photographer

if you follow my blog, you might recognize this couple from last year + maybe even the year before!  i've been photographing them from the very beginning of my photography career....they were even the first ones to allow me to photograph them back in my portfolio building days.  want to take a look back?  click here for last year's session + if you keep scrolling down you'll also see their very first session from before i even started my business.  it's been so much fun to capture them every year + i'm SO excited because their family is growing, which means more photos sessions are in store for this gorgeous family!  they are expecting their first child, a baby girl, at the end of march.  bb + c, we are so lucky to have you as our dear friends.  we love you + couldn't be more thrilled for you both!

the seeton family | fort worth family photographer

meet the seeton family.  not MY seeton family...my husband's 4 cousins...all boys, and their 2 beautiful wives.  the guys had fun joking around while we 3 girls tried to get them to stay serious for a few moments so we could get some decent shots.  i had a blast with this fun group...i don't get to hang out with them near enough!  by the way, i left out the mooning shots...perhaps i should have included one?? ;)

billy bob + christina | fort worth family photographer

this absolutely gorgeous couple are dear friends of ours.  they were the first couple who ever let me photograph them.  yup!  exactly one year ago when i decided to start building my photography portfolio, they were kind enough to play along + let me do a photo session with them. and even though i completely sucked a year ago, it's impossible to take a bad photo of these two, so i managed to get a few good ones.  but anyways, here they are from this year...and i'm sure we'll make it a tradition + do them every year....at least i HOPE we make it a tradition. who knows, maybe in a year or two there will be a little tiny 3rd person in the photos??  come on b+c...you know you'd make the most gorgeous babies!!  ;)ok, ok....just for fun, here are some from their session last year.  looks like someone has a favorite hat ;)