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lily | katy natural light photographer

when i was asked to do this photo session i was so excited!  by no means am i an animal or pet photographer, but i just couldn't turn down a chance to get together for a play date with sweet lily.  this beautiful weimaraner is dear to my heart and is an old friend of mine.  she used to be a part of our family until last year right before lauren was born.  lily was very loved by jeff, katelyn + i, however she outgrew our home and needed more space to run wild (weims are extremely active and hyper!).  our friend who lives out in the country was looking for another dog to add to her family and it was a match made in heaven!  lily loves her new home where she has acres to roam, another doggy to play with, and lots of attention from her new mommy. i had such a great time playing at the dog park, bribing lily with treats and watching her show off all her new tricks.  she's still the same sweet lily i remember and love!