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taryn | fort worth child photographer

oh taryn, my beautiful niece!  she has the most gorgeous, big blue eyes...does she not?  this summer, the girls + i ventured back to my hometown in canada to visit my family + these are a few of my favorite shots i took of my 10 year old niece during the three weeks while we were there.  can you tell i'm playing catch up from the summer?!  my poor blog has been neglected.  be on the lookout for more pics from canada, cabo, and maybe even a little instagam collage, which is my latest obsession!  but for now, you get to stare at these pretty blue eyes.... click here to book a session with me!

lauren | fort worth child photographer

my 'baby' is two.  where does the time go??  i have such mixed emotions about this!  i miss cradling her in my arms, soothing her to sleep...but i adore watching her look up to her big sister + imitating her every move.  i love watching the two of them play together + overhearing their silly conversations.  i love seeing her little personality + attitude shine through more + more the older she grows.  and i love that even though she is two, she still loves to snuggle + only momma can make it better when she's hurt or sad. here's my sweet little two year old...