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gang's all here // dallas newborn photographer

i showed up to this dallas newborn session excited to meet these sweet new clients. there’s nothing better than walking into a client’s home and it is beautifully decorated and has the most gorgeous light. this baby slept like a doll and i was in and out in no time and was able to deliver a beautiful collection of newborn images to this new happy family of three. my favorite from this session was sweet baby boy sleeping in his crib with all his furry friends.

the stone family | houston family photographer

this family was full of fun + totally my style....very laid back + casual.  their 4 year old daughter had THE MOST beautiful eyes + hair color.  someone even stopped to ask if it was her natural hair color...lol!  anyways, take a peek for yourself...i'm not lying.  this little girl is the most adorable thing!

a huge announcement | modern lifestyle photographer

some of you may already know, but i guess it's time  to tell the rest of the world since i haven't made an official announcement on my blog yet.... my family and i are relocating to the dallas/fort worth area, which also means that sara seeton photography is relocating as well!  i am looking forward to new opportunities, being closer to family + old friends (since we are from that area), and the possibility of watching my business grow in two major cities.  yes, that's right.  i am going to continue accepting clients in the houston area.  i plan on heading back this way every so often for weekend sessions...so keep that in mind!

we do not have a scheduled moving date yet, however i am now accepting clients in both the houston and dallas/fort worth area.

so that's my huge announcement!  let me know if you have any questions.  and bare with me this summer....it's going to be a hectic one.  we are departing on our big road trip to canada (to visit my family) in just 2 weeks.  we plan to be gone for around 2-3 weeks.  add packing and moving on top of that, with 2 young ones....that is one hectic summer!