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the dorsey family | dallas maternity photographer

this poor momma had to suffer through the 100+ heat for our photo session, while 9 months pregnant!  and somehow she managed to stay absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end.  me on the other hand....i don't think i've ever sweat so much in my life + i was sporting a really nice frizzy hair-do about 10 minutes into the session.  isn't mom stunning?  and alllllllll belly!  anyways, enjoy your sneak peek dorsey family + can't wait to meet your little guy in a few weeks!

the stone family | houston family photographer

this family was full of fun + totally my style....very laid back + casual.  their 4 year old daughter had THE MOST beautiful eyes + hair color.  someone even stopped to ask if it was her natural hair color...lol!  anyways, take a peek for yourself...i'm not lying.  this little girl is the most adorable thing!

the e family | winnipeg family photographer

during my vacation in canada, i met up with a photographer friend of mine and did a photo session swap....she did our family photos and i did hers. how cute is she and her family??  you could never tell they were being eaten alive by mosquitoes, right?!?  the minute we all stepped out of our vehicles we were swarmed.  seriously.  it was horrible.  i think this session was my quickest session to date....and i've got scars from itching all those mosquito bites!

be sure to check out her site, sweet style photography.  and if you'd like to take a peek at our family photos click here!  i love them! :)