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wendy + bear | fort worth maternity photographer

i have had the pleasure of getting to know this beautiful momma over the past few weeks....between all the phone calls, late night emails, texting back + forth, we felt like we knew each other by the time we met face-to-face at her maternity session!  i love it when i connect with clients + feel comfortable enough to chat with them about things beyond 'work stuff'. wendy was about 35 weeks at her maternity session.  really.  who looks that good at 35 weeks??  it's kinda not fair. LOL!  she was glowing the entire session + we had so much fun.....it really did feel like we were old friends.

you'll be seeing a lot more of this gorgeous couple + their sweet baby boy, jackson, over the next year + hopefully the years to come.  wendy had her sweet, healthy baby boy a few weeks early, so he will be making an appearance on the blog in the very near future!

jana | fort worth maternity photographer

oh my sweet, gorgeous, patient sister-in-law!  we took these photos back at the beginning of july.  it was 5pm, out in the afternoon texas heat + it was painful for me....i can't even begin to imagine how painful it was for her at 36 weeks pregnant!  lol  anyhow, she was a rockstar.  here are some of the shots from her session.  and one of these days i'll get around to posting a few from the newborn session....my adorable nephew!  he's the sweetest thing!

anticipation | dallas maternity photographer

this beautiful momma-to-be is my sister-in-law.  she + my brother-in-law are expecting their first child just a few short weeks away + we could not be more happy for them!  this little dude still does not have a name, so not only are we excited to meet him, but we are excited to learn what name will be chosen for him!  a few for now...more to come later!